Plugged in, not charging: Part 3

Since the last repair by Dell engineer, I've waited for Dell sales team to e-mail me quotation of the battery. And waited. And waited @@ There was simply no response from the sales team, in spite of numerous queries sent to their customer service officers via e-mail, phone and Facebook. I pointed out to them that this is making a mockery of the motto automatically inserted at the end of their e-mail: "At Dell we strive to exceed expectations and provide the highest levels of service to customers."

This nonsense went on for about 2 months before I finally receive a quotation from the sales team. No apologies whatsoever though, unlike their customer service officers. Humph.

It's been about a week now using the new battery. I have tried a few times unplugging and plugging back the adapter. Seems like the issue "plugged in, not charging" is gone. Phew, finally!

Cholesterol 2017: Part 3

It's been 4 months since the general health screening. There was about a month delay in retesting due to various reasons, especially during two 11-day periods of illness after coming back from Butterworth.

As advised by doctor, I retested cholesterol level and the other red flags. MCV (slightly high), MCH (slightly high) and WBC (low) remained more or less unchanged while total bilirubin reduced significantly, although still elevated. Doctor wasn't concerned about these and was fine that I retest these during my planned yearly general health screening.

As for the cholesterol test,

                                Jun 2017          Ref. range          Oct 2017          Ref. range     
Total cholesterol           6.4                 < 5.2                      6.2                 < 5.2
HDL ("good")               1.50               > 1.04                   1.57                > 1.04
LDL ("bad")                  4.2                < 2.6                      3.9                 < 2.6
Triglycerides                 1.6                 < 1.7                     1.5                  < 1.7
Total/HDL ratio            4.3                 < 5.0                      3.9                 < 5.0

Not much difference :(

So it's another 3-months of Fenofibrate and then a re-test.

Cholesterol steps

This was at Penang GH:

Cholesterol steps

I think this is quite clever.

Cycle 3 chemo

Things pretty much settled after the second session (i.e. Cycle 1 Day 8). With medicine, my dad could pass motion and managed the pain in his leg. In fact, he could increase the amount of exercise via stationary cycling and slow walks without an increase in painkiller dosage. His abdominal gas is pretty much gone...except when he ate spicy food on the sly. His appetite was normal. There were usually no side effects from chemo except for the occasional tiredness

The blood test done just before Cycle 3 Day 1 treatment, however, showed an unexpected decline in kidney function. The oncologist wasn't too worried but incidentally ordered tumour marker CA 19.9 test. I was a little surprised because I expected it to be done after Cycle 3.

Blood test done just before commencing Cycle Day 8 treatment showed the kidney function improved (borderline). Oncologist was a little concerned that my dad lost weight (63kg to 61.9kg) but was assuaged once I mentioned that his normal weight was 60kg before his leg pain prevented him from exercise as much as usual. My dad also mentioned that he recently increased the amount of exercise, which the oncologist was happy to hear.

She delivered the good news that the level of CA 19.9 was 66, significantly down from 133. Although still elevated (the limit was 34), it is going in the right direction and it's an early indication that the chemo treatment may be working.

Hopefully there'll be more good news later!

Pot of Japanese rose

Some distance away from the mass of Japanese rose plants at sister's house, there sit a pot of them with a variety of colours:

Japanese rose plant 3

Noticed that there are two colours here that are not present in the larger location: yellow and orange-red. So pretty. I do wish, however, there is also the simpler version of this flower i.e. the one with a single layer of petals.

Also, noticed the difference in quality of photo? This one was taken with my new Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace (J111F). It does look significantly better.

Loved Ones

Loved Ones

Atlas Reactor: Orion dual builds

I have tried several builds since I last posted on a build I used then. Currently, I settled on 2 builds:
(for detailed description of abilities and mods, please refer to this webapge)

(A) "Hold ulti" build

(1) Empyreal Ruin - Amplified Eruption
(2) Fate Transfer - Energy Leech
(3) Quantum Core - Benevolent
(4) Astral Fusion - Intervention
(5) Cosmic Flare - Energy Accummulation

I still believe that in most circumstances, the (3) + (4) combination gives the most healing overall. Sure, Enhanced Reconstruction technically gives most healing (5 more at max shards) but you usually don't always have max shards when you need to heal. This combination gives the best clutch healing, imo.

Normally Orion gets energy equal to half of damage he takes but with Energy Leech, he gets effectively 62.5% of damage taken via Fate Transfer and this hasten his accumulation of shards.

Energy Accumulation gives the most self-heal and excellent for a "hold ulti" build.

The leftover mod tokens are enough to sink into Amplified Eruption, which is a nice bonus to help with team's damage.

(B) "Frequent ulti" build

(1) Empyreal Ruin - Devour Energy
(2) Fate Transfer - Energy Leech
(3) Quantum Core - Benevolent
(4) Astral Fusion - Innate Potency
(5) Cosmic Flare - Refresh the Source

It's important to get ultimate as soon as possible so that you can use it frequently. Hence the choice of the mods Energy Leech and, to a lessser extent, Devour Energy.

Innate Potency is a good choice since this build is less dependent on shard.

Doesn't matter much which mod to use for Quantum Core. I usually choose Benevolent for the shields.

Refresh the Source lets you use Fate Transfer again to regain energy fast and/or Astral Fusion to heal your allies sooner.